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OrganiTan Spray TanThe worlds safest tan

OrganiTan, the only safe way FOR A BEAUTIFUL tan, is a revolutionary new formula that is the result of twenty years of trial-and-error research by one of the country’s most dedicated and educated skin care specialists, Molly Walsh of Molly’s Skin Care Boutique of Southern California.

The new formula is the first product to blend antioxidants, moisturizers and a beautiful golden color that does not streak and can be customized for all skin types. ECOCERT, a leading authority on organic certification, has certified the main ingredient, dihydroxyacetone and it is an exclusive product of Molly’s Skin Care Boutique.

“We are leading the industry into the next generation of tanning technology, Ms Walsh declares. “Today’s consumers demand safety and quality, making passé harsh sunless tanning chemicals and drying alcohols.” Throughout her two decades in the beauty industry, Ms Walsh
has undertaken extensive studies of the ingredients of tanning products and listened intensely to the skin coloring desires of her clientele to create this new beautiful "magic." Her research concluded the absolute best spray tanning formula HAS THREE REQUIREMENTS; have a beautiful golden color, be odorless, and be 100% natural with no harsh chemicals or alcohols.

OrganiTan wholesales at $95 for a 32-ounce liter, which provides approximately 25 full-body spray tans. At the average rate of $50 per tan,
the return on investment is over $1,000.


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